Saturday, April 9, 2011

News from 4257

Renovations are moving along smoothly with new vibrant colors, beautiful wood exposed, and some nice clean tile work from a highly motivated group of chefs/ amateur tilers. The room is coming together with nice earth tones ready to set off the warmth and late afternoon sunshine. I'm very excited about the room and serving some great new dishes in the neighborhood. It has been great getting to know all of our neighbors through the construction like Tony our next door neighbor, everyone at Fornax who keep me fed and caffeinated, and the Greek baker across the way who's name I forgot but at least it is written on the doll above the case so I won't lose face.

A quick description about our food- Everyone asks in varying forms what type of restaurant we are going to be. R n R is going to be good and fun. Simple as that. All my ideas about dishes keep returning to "is it fun?" What is that?
Hopefully an evening or weekend afternoon shared with friends and/or family enjoying flavorful food and refreshing drinks that surprise you with how much flavor there is. A memory is revived from a past experience reminding you of the pleasures at the table, reinforcing the idea that good food is about being happy, satisfied, and refreshed.
Snacks and beer on the patio at 4 after getting off the train just because. Yup.
Second date now that you know this person can be counted on for a conversation through a meal. There you go.
Watching the Bruins battle their way through the playoffs at the bar with a good pint and roasted meat. Got it. Why can't good eats be in these situations as well as on Thursday night when you are ready to have a nice meal after cooking up your own for the last four nights? Good fun food is flexible and doesn't judge.

Hopefully the faithful of Roslindale have a little more to chew on about our new addition to the square. I am very excited to be here and what our little restaurant is shaping up to be and hope you are too. Oh, and by the way we are listening: vegetarians fear not, vegans as well, good seasonal cooking doesn't demand meat although I am a card carrying omnivore (ask my old camp friend Melissa a vegetarian for 20+ years); my charcuterie will continue with pates, hams, and terrines; Southern style represented RIP Bill Neal; ee cummings nod, We're not worthy but will pay our homage to Forest Hills Cemetery none the less and toast him at The Enormous Room and keep the stream of consciousness coming (pray I don't go as far as my fellow southerner Faulkner); spring is around the corner as I test new dishes with pork and ramps. It couldn't come at a better time. Our new grill is coming Monday with wood smoke along with it.

I promise more posts with better editing and as much fun. Stay tuned. Website and opening coming soon.
Chef Delicious

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  1. Hey Charlie- we Rozzi residents are super excited about R&R's opening! If you need any help getting the word out about the restaurant let me know- we have a lot of active committees in Rozzi to keep up with marketing the Village, the Farmer's Market, etc and are always willing to lend a hand to keep people informed of new awesome eats in town. Not that your restaurant won't already have a following I am sure :)

    Can't wait for the opening!