Friday, May 13, 2011

Soft Shell Crabs

I have a soft spot for soft shells. It is a sign, along with east coast asparagus, that we are about to begin getting the abundance of the spring from around here rather then from California and beyond. We constantly look to our local farms for resources but New England hates to wait for true spring stuff. Do we really want to put off fresh veges other then greens until June?
We look at the mid atlantic for the indications of spring this time of year. Jersey asparagus? i'm in. Maryland soft shells? Yes please. They mooch our abundant seafood all year long so its great that we can get a little love while the crops start up. They also drink all our good NE craft beer so I don't feel bad about sourcing from our VA brothers this time of year. VA is for lovers and we at RnR are definitely lovers.
Let's eat our veges! It's only a few weeks before its in the 90's, we're bitching again about the weather but we have to do it without as much clothes on. Tighten it up!

Go Bruins!